Be Wild, Stay Grounded

We’ve taken our DESSERT BAR to a higher occasion of botanical goodness and inspiring seaside hospitality.  We bring trueness to our small-batch craft by hand-selecting our botanical ingredients and have discovered a different approach to indulgence.  We are raising expectations that dessert can be both delicious and wholesome, with only purposeful ingredients and organically foraged harvests. Each sweet course of GELATO & DOLCE is consciously curated to create our distinctive flavors and noteworthy delights.  Our private label KOFI is certified organic and a bloom of single-origin and varietal blends.  You'll fall in love with our organic cold-brews & signature drinks.  

Our devotion to the small-batch craft goes beyond amazing taste, it's our belief we can provide sweet-goodness for people and the planet responsibly. That’s why we’ll join the “B Corp” movement and align our shared values with our business as a force for good. It's more than DESSERT & KOFI, it’s a decision to be socially responsible in our thinking and to be generous stewards. Sustainability is a constant journey to ensure we use renewable and plant-based resources, support regenerative & organic farmers and partner with other wise artisans - #bewildstaygrounded.